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Supercharge Your Ads with Free Stock UGC Videos!

Each week, we deliver 60 complimentary stock UGC videos packed with hooks, b-rolls, and trending assets to supercharge your creative projects. The best part? It won’t cost you a dime!

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    What Can You Expect?

    High-quality Stock videos that include Hooks, b-rolls and Multi-purpose UGC.

    New Footage Added Each Week

    Access hundreds of b-roll footage, hooks, and multi-purpose UGC via regular updates to our versatile library of free stock UGC footage.

    Turn Ordinary Ads into Extraordinary Selling Machines

    Whether you’re using these free assets as-is or are editing them into something new entirely, our library of free stock UGC is a great way to capitalize on popular advertising trends without breaking the bank.

    Need Custom video ads? We’ve got you covered!

    If you need custom video ads specifically created for your brand, our team of creative directors and creators is here to help! We offer different plans that are specifically tailored to help you scale your campaigns by providing you with high-converting video ads customized to your company.

    Discover the Power of Stock UGC and Scale your Paid Media Campaigns now!

    Discover the Power of Stock UGC and Scale your Paid Media Campaigns now!

    Launch Your Ad Campaigns into the Stratosphere with ContentJet.

    Get matched with the right creators and receive winning creatives with our all-in-one UGC video production service. 14-days money back guarantee.